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Head & Hair

Hot Oil Treatment

A Unique and traditional treatment to give vitality, shine and strength to hair.

Indian Head Massage

An ancient Indian treatment to de-stress and relieve fatigue quickly to give a fresh feeling.

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Face Care

Caviar Gold Facial

This is a 9 step european face brightening program using products containing Caviar and Gold. This involves a thorough cleaning of facial skin and hair follicles followed by a gentle peeling to polish and brighten the skin. Various Concentrated, creams, serums and masks containing gold and caviar are used to brighten the skin.

Radiant Peel Off Facial

This is an all skin suitable facial involving cleaning and application of sensitive or lifting peel off mask.

BodyGlaze Signature Facial

A Deep Cleansing Face Therapy that regulates and balances the function of the skin to leave it intensely restored and refreshed.

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Body Glaze Body Treatments

Body Polish

A rejuvenating body treatment with honey, almonds & fresh buttermilk. Also includes a marvellous body cleansing based on ancient beauty rituals.

Body Glaze Signature Polish

A combination of light massage and body brightening treatment to make one look & feel special.

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Hands & Feet

Pedicure & Manicure

A perfect Soaking, exfoliating and hydrating massage to give the limbs a feeling of freshness & rejuvenation.

BodyGlaze Royal Care

A combination of Spa manicure & Spa pedicure with therapeutic massage to give your hands & feet a royal treat, with feeling of freshness and rejuvenation.

Zen Foot Reflexology

A Channel of healing that works on the energy points to tone and stimulate the internal organs.

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Body Glaze Massages

BodyGlaze Signature Massage

Balancing the senses & Energy using a reviving technique. This will fill you with renewed energy making your life lot more enjoyable.

Kulya – Sports Deep - Tissue Massage

This is a deep tissue massage to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Ideal for sportsmen or those who are physically active.

Aroma Massage

A gentle relaxing massage using blends of aroma oil.

Thai Massage

A Traditional Thai Massage stretching & deep muscle work that increases flexibility and thereby clears blockages in the energy channels.

Fem, Sweedish Ritual Massage

A traditional Sweedish Ritual Massage effective in relieving muscle soreness & stiffness.

Sasak Balinese Massage

A combination of Dry & Oil Massage. Includes gentle stretching, skin rolling, compressions and using palm & thumb pressures on the energy lines.

Tri-Wicha, Pain Relieve Herbal Kizzi

Poultice of spice & herbal powders are dipped in heated medicinal oils and massaged on the body to reduce joint stiffness & muscle pains.

Ayurvedic Massage

A traditional Indian Massage, using warm medicated herbal oils, using long strokes that are effective for overall rejuvenation & de-toxification.

Indian Head Massage

An ancient Indian technique that is effective for relieving head ache and de-stress quickly.

Zen Foot Reflexology

This is a channel healing technique inspired from Zen Philosophy. Our hands and feet contain points that correspond to energy channels corresponding to internal organs. It is believed thay by stimulating these points using thumb or special wooden stick, the corresponding organ ca be toned and stimulated.

Gemini – Four Hands Massage

Two therapists simultaneously using various techniques of massages to create a unique experience of relaxation.

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Body Glaze Baths

Moroccan Bath

The hydrating effects of Rose body scrub, Steam and Red Clay leaves the body cleansed and stimulated. It also improve the blood circulation.

San Turkish Bath

A perfect blend of traditional Arabian & traditional European Treatments, that leaves you with feeling of freshness.

BodyGlaze Signature bath

The spicy aroma enhances wellbeing. The pure essential oils moisturises and balances the skin.

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Body Glaze Ayurvedic Massages

Body Glaze offers six unique Ayurvedic massages ranging from 'Abhyanga' to 'Sirodhara', to calm your mind and sooothe your tensed muscles. Try one of our traditional Ayurvedic massages performed by experience measures, followed by a steam, scrub bath. Your mind and body will feel relaxed and refreshed.

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Wedding Special

Special package for grooming the bridegrooms Includes :

Hot Oil Treatment

BodyGlaze Signature Facial

BodyGlaze Royal Body Care

Aroma Massage

San Turkish Bath

Body Polishing

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Weekend Special Baths

Weekend Glaze

A Package of Radiant Facial, Spl. Body Care & Moroccan Bath to help you start a fresh week fresh.

Weekend Glaze Plus

A Package of Refreshing Facial, Spl. Body care and Aroma Massage, leaving a relieved.

Weekend Glaze Bath Plus

A package of Signature Bath & Aroma Massage to remove all the toxins and completely rejuvenate the body.