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About Us

A host of services that are being offered by BodyGlaze would make every cell in your body to be ready to take on with the challenges ahead making your life a lot more enjoyable and satisfying. Again it is not just about your inner spirit and health but also about the outer beauty. A number of professional and authentic BodyGlaze services are available to make your rejuvenated body radiating to its best.

Body Glaze Research Corporation, USA is a high end Spa Consultancy Services company, extending consultancy services worldwide in all matters relating to a professional spa, be it in the matter of designing, setting up, scientifically running or in training spa faculties. BodyGlaze, headed by the renowned Spa and natural healing expert Dr. Reinhard Bergel, have an efficient team of professionals to handle all your needs in the Spa domain in USA or anywhere in the world.

Body Glaze Qatar is a Franchise unit of BodyGlaze, USA and is offering its world class services to the residents of Qatar. The faculties and therapists are thoroughly and professionally trained in performing the services for optimum results and customer satisfaction. The highlight of BodyGlaze Qatar is that it complies with the “GOLD” standard specified by BodyGlaze USA which implies maintenance of very high hygiene standard and service methods.

The services are carefully and suitably selected for the people in the location taking into account of the climatic conditions, food habits etc. We welcome you to experience the ultimate in your spa indulgence at BodyGlaze.